January 14, 2018 by News, Tips

Facebook Restricts Animal Sales

Facebook has recently changed their policies on using the platform’s commerce tools to sell animals. The Platform’s commerce tools include a broad set of tools that allow users to promote sales of products and services through custom post types.

According to Facebook, “The Commerce Policies apply to all posts on Marketplace, Buy and Sell Groups, and Shop Sections on Pages.”

What does this mean for you?

  • You can no longer list animals for sell in Marketplace, Buy and Sell Groups, or Shop Sections on Pages.

Our Solution

Facebook still allows you to post content promoting animal sales, so long as they don’t utilize any of the commerce features. But what about that nifty ad format that makes it easier to share and sell your items? Southern Select Stock Classified Ad links can be shared directly to Facebook, just like you’d share any other link, like a news article. With this, you can use a simple link to share images, your ad title, and a short description preview to Facebook.

By sharing your item like this, you’re able to format the ad differently than a regular post containing images and text. The formatting is simple to share, familiar to users, and also meets Facebook’s guidelines.

Listing your stock with Southern Select also allows you to provide prospective buyers with more information and easy methods of secure contact. What’s your first ad going to help you sell? Tell us below in the comments.

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