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    Kunshan Bositong Instrument Equipment Co., LTD is located in Kunshan, Suzhou, and 50km away from Shanghai, China.
    We has a technical management team with 15-years’ experiences in environmental test equipment design and manufacturing, quality management system and better after-sale service. We provide customers consistently with product and service according to prescribed requirements or standard, fulfilling customers’ demands and expectations maximally.
    As an environmental test equipment manufacturer, we dedicate to protect environment, health and safety during producing and operating activities.
    We promise to:
    (1) Comply with environmental protection, health and safety regulations.
    (2) Control and improve production process with energy saving and environmental friendly refrigerant.
    (3) Prevent pollution, reducing health and safety risk.
    Kunshan Bositong Instrument Equipment Co., LTD continues investing in the development of new products and new technology research, with a lot of new invention patents. We will make more contribution in environmental test equipment industry together with you.
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