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    Wooden Handle Round Hair Brush
    Products Introduction
    1、Twill brush teeth grip effect is strong, suitable for less hair.
    2、Boar bristle wear, durable, high temperature, curly hair styling a brush.
    3、Wood made of solid wood, woody hard and difficult to deformation, through the ingenuity of the surface is smooth glossy glossy, delicate and comfortable touch
    4、Not easy hair loss, automatic machine hair planting technology, boar bristle is not easy to deformation, easy to fall off, effectively delay the life of rolling comb.
    5、Fiber brush teeth higher than boar bristle, easier to enter the hair, separate hair cuticle, can quickly shape and not easy to hurt the hair, pull out more beautiful curls.
    6、Boar bristle can easily remove the dust on the hair, and after the card will become very smooth.
    7、Solid wood handle, handle the curvature is very suitable for the user’s feel, easier to use when used, not easy to fall
    Handle MaterialWood
    Brush MaterialBristle And Nylon
    Delivery Detail45days
    Boar bristle with wooden body
    Twill brushing
    We can provide the following services:
    First, we can give you a value and cost, in terms of value, hair brush market now is very hot, very popular, cost because we have our own factory, absolutely is the most affordable price.
    Secondly, we can give you enough security to focus on the interests of our clients and achieve our goals. The purpose of our company is to pursue excellence.
    Thirdly, we have excellent service capability. We can solve the emergency quickly and can be flexible.
    Last but not least, we will continue to update our new product to suit the trend of the customer’s needs.
    The most important thing is to have a healthy corporate culture and a positive attitude.
    1.Q: what is the quality of the product?
    A: we are a professional factory. We only do the major and the quality is guaranteed.
    2.Q: how is the product used?
    A: suitable for dry hair, also for wet hair, or use A hair dryer. The right place is the family and the salon
    3.Q: what is the level of the product?
    A: mainly high-end and middle. If you need low-end, we can also produce for you
    4.Q: about payment or other issues?
    A: send me an email or talk to me directly at the office.
    Wechat: Msheyan666
    Whatsapp: +86 1516 0020 398
    Mail: zoya@xmshanglu.comWooden Paddle Brush factory

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