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    Double wire fencing description:
    Double wire fencing uses high quality low carbon stainless steel wire as raw material. It is welded with one vertical wire and two horizontal wires; this can be strong enough, compared to the normal welded fence panel. The wire diameters are available, such as 6mm×2+5mm×1 ,8mm×2+6mm×1. It obtains high strong powers to resist the construction.
    Post: This System usually choose Square Post (50×50mm, 60×60mm), Rectangular Post (80×60×2. 5mm, 120×60×3mm) and peach post with the high strength and so on. With plastic caps or Roofing rain hat. The finished surface usually is Galvanized and Powder coating, or alternatively.
    Fastenings:The Panels and posts are jointed together with bolts or rivets, using the steel flat bar or special steel clamps, all nuts are self-locking. This also can be designed as the special clients’ requests.
    Double Wire Fence Specifications: The special specifications are available on request.
    Finish treatment:Galvanized / Polyester coated green, other standard colors are available on request. It can resist the corrosive and ultraviolet radiation very strongly, and it can keep original color and long-time using.
    Double Wire Fence
    Height×Width Panel mmMesh Size mmWire DiameterPost of
    Wire Dia
    mmWire Dia
    mmWire Dia
    630×250050×2008×2 + 66×2 + 56×2 + 41100
    830×250050×2008×2 + 66×2 + 56×2 + 41300
    1030×250050×2008×2 + 66×2 + 56×2 + 41500
    1230×250050×2008×2 + 66×2 + 56×2 + 41700
    1430×250050×2008×2 + 66×2 + 56×2 + 41900
    1630×250050×2008×2 + 66×2 + 56×2 + 42100
    1830×250050×2008×2 + 66×2 + 56×2 + 42400
    2030×250050×2008×2 + 66×2 + 56×2 + 42600
    2230×250050×2008×2 + 66×2 + 56×2 + 42800
    2430×250050×2008×2 + 66×2 + 56×2 + 43000
    YUJINTE, located in Anping, China, is one of the leading low carbon steel hot dipped galvanized double wire mesh fencing manufacturers and suppliers. Our factory has been engaged in this field for over 15 years. Please be free to check the price list with us.double welded wire fence Pricelist

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